Death Match: Blue Agave Nectar vs Argan Oil

By Seth Ramirez – April 15, 2021

Blue Agave Nectar is the new Argan oil! The healing power of Blue Agave is more powerful for the condition of your hair, say some experts. Too many hair products have jumped on the Argan Oil bandwagon and made it one of their key ingredients. But more and more are realizing the moisturizing power of Blue Agave Nectar.  

Blue Agave Nectar can moisturize hair unlike most other ingredients. Also being made from a naturally grown plant, it is easily produced organically. This Mexican native volcanic soil plant has been used as healthy alternative for sugar and is more commonly used in Tequila production. However, Blue Agave Nectar has only recently been used in the hair and beauty industry.

The Blue Agave plant itself needs little moisture to grow. The nectar retains all that moisture and helps protect damaged hair as well as hair color from fading. Adding agave nectar to any product, will make sure other ingredients get all the time they need to work their magic on your hair. Blue Agave Nectar locks onto other moisturizing substances and onto your hair follicles, allowing the moisture to penetrate deep into the hair shaft.

Both Argan Oil and Blue Agave Nectar combat frizz, protect hair from heat damage, and add amazing shine. But argan oil is actually heavier than agave nectar and that can show in your hair style, sometimes leaving your hair feel greasy.

Blue Agave Nectar is far superior in increasing the volume of your hair. It is a cure-all for all types of hair in any walk of life. And if you are one of those that feel your hair needs a boost of hydration, you will truly feel the difference.

So, when stacked against each other Argan Oil is good, but Blue Agave Nectar is showing it can be a lighter and a better way to get the same protection and conditioning without weighing your hair down. Blue Agave Nectar’s ability to condition and protect really do make it the new and improved version of Argan Oil. Especially if you want to grow your hair thicker fuller and longer.