Beware of the Hair Color Serial Killer 

By Seth Ramirez – April 26, 2021

Want to save the life of your freshly colored hair?  Modafino shampoo and conditioner is a great way to help with this. They’re much gentler than typical shampoos with certified organic ingredients. It’s important to understand that all hair color will fade eventually. A solid color-safe shampoo and condition can slow down the process.

What makes Modafino’s shampoo and conditioner color safe? Color-safe shampoos help keep color-treated hair from fading, and they maintain the color over a longer period of time than regular shampoos. Modafino’s Voluptuous line is specially formulated to give color-treated hair a healthy shine as well as keep it moisturized and well-nourished. It is made from color enhancing and protecting ingredients.

Modafino’s Voluptuous shampoo and conditioner can be used for more than just color safety. Even if your hair is not color-treated, Modafino is great because it won’t do anything to harm your hair. As a matter of fact, since they include certified organic ingredients to moisturize and prevent further damage.

Modafino is also infused with a blend of Honeybee Propolis, Blue Agave Nectar and Kaffir Lime Extract to soften while gently cleansing and be less astringent than regular products, so your hair won’t break or frizz. It will also help your hair grow in thicker, fuller and longer. !

Sulfates are the hair color serial killer. Sulfates, such as sodium laureth sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate, and sodium lauryl sulfate, break the cuticles open and allow color molecules to leak out. These cheaper shampoo products can even completely strip the color from hair in as little as three washes. The hair cuticles must remain closed in order to achieve color longevity.


In essence, the two real differences between shampoos containing sulfates and Modafino’s Voluptuous sulfate-free, color-safe products are; cheap shampoos are designed to suds up and strip-clean your hair. The downside is, they rip open the cuticle layer of your hair and let hair color leak out. They also remove your natural oils from your scalp. Modafino’s color-safe shampoo and conditioner protects, moisturizes and promotes your hair to grow! 

You can easily use the Modafino Voluptuous shampoo and conditioner on any hair type. It protects hair color, promoted new hair to grow and keep splint ends from forming. You should definitely give it a try!