Rare Ingredient Discovered, Promotes Hair Growth

By Seth Ramirez – March 23, 2021

What do honey and longer, thicker, healthier hair have in common? Honeybee Propolis! For a long time, propolis has been used for skincare, cosmetic healing, and even medicinal therapy. 

As far back as the Roman era, Propolis has been used as a beauty and health product. The health benefits can be significant. Only in the last couple of years has research showed propolis can be used specifically, to stimulate hair growth, prevent hair thinning and loss, mend damaged ends and protect the hair from color fade. 


How do I get it for my hair?

There is one product line that uses Honeybee Propolis as their main key ingredient. The Modafino Voluptuous line of products is designed to use the healing and stimulating properties of Honeybee Propolis to maximize the benefits.

So, how does it work?

The main reason Modafino uses Honeybee Propolis is for hair growth. The properties of propolis make it antibacterial, anti-viral, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory, which can help maintain a healthy scalp for better growth.

If you want your hair to be thicker and longer but you just can’t seem to get past a certain point of length, the Modafino Voluptuous line of products is definitely for you.

The Modafino propolis-based Voluptuous shampoo and conditioner have the recipe you are looking for. By using other key beneficial ingredients like Blue Agave and Kaffir Lime to work in unison, Modafino shampoo and conditioner facilitate and stimulate longer, healthier hair growth.

 You can get to the length that you have always wanted!

What about thinning hair?

 Hair loss interception is the concern of many adults and propolis delivers. It has an anti-inflammatory compound that treats the leading cause of the loss or thinning of hair (unhealthy scalp).

 Propolis can be used to promote a healthy workspace for your hair to get back to work.  Combating toxins and inflammation allows the cells meant for hair growth to flourish better.

 New research was done on balding scalps to see if the hair-growing cells could work better in a healthier environment. It just so happened the percentage of hair follicles increased as well as hair length.

 You can help prevent hair loss!

Can it help damaged hair and split ends?

 Honeybees use propolis as a building material similar to fixing gaps and holes within the hive. It also works very well to close those gaps in the ends of hair that becomes brittle.

 In combination with the pH balancing properties of Kaffir Lime and the healing properties of Blue agave, split ends can become a thing of the past. 

By closing the cuticle layer with pH balancing and closing the gaps on the ends with Propolis, you can save the length you have and promote longer hair growth.

Can I use in on color treated hair?

 Another benefit of Propolis is that it is antibacterial, like a natural shampoo. It acts as a quick wash to keep harmful bacteria away. This can help prevent hair color from fading prematurely.

 The other key protective ingredients, Blue Agave, Kaffir Lime and aloe work together with the propolis to protect your hair from heat, sun and the daily wear & tear of styling.

 Modafino shampoo and conditioner can extend the life of your hair color. Not to mention, your hair will be shinier and healthier to showcase that gorgeous color you paid so dearly to have.  

Where can I get Modafino Voluptuous? 

Modafino Voluptuous shampoo and conditioner are available on Amazon and at modafino.com. You can also purchase the all-NEW Leave-in Treatment in limited quantity as part of an influencer box package.

 The healthy hair benefits of propolis will change the life of your hair. Modafino did its homework. Voluptuous shampoo and conditioner are a home run. Stimulate hair growth, prevent hair thinning, mend damaged ends and protect the hair from color fade, Wow!