Miracle Working Ingredient, Saves Your Hair

By Seth Ramirez – April 1, 2021

Kaffir Lime Oil is well-known in the Southeast Asia for its amazing health benefits. And its intense citrus aroma makes Kaffir lime an irresistible enticement. The fragrance and health benefits come from the essential oils in Kaffir lime.  

Kaffir lime oil is used in aromatherapy to reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue. But there is much more to Kaffir lime than its amazing aroma. We discovered five more ways Kaffir lime leaves can improve the health of your hair and help it grow thicker, fuller, and longer. 



Kaffir Lime Oil contains Citronellal and limonene, which have amazing antioxidant qualities. As you know, antioxidants help you reverse the effects of aging skin and maintain a healthy glow. This also makes it a great ingredient for tightening the cuticle layer of your hair to repair spit ends.


The reason, Kaffir lime oil is highly effective in untangling hair strands and in washing away dirt and grease is, it has a pH that is slightly acidic just like your hair and skin. This helps your hair get back to its natural pH balance and smooths the outer layer of your hair shaft to make it much more comb-able and refreshingly clean feeling.


The anti-inflammatory effects of Kaffir Lime oils may also help reduce the formation of acne and the development of build-up on your scalp. Maintaining a healthy scalp is essential to promoting thicker, fuller and longer hair growth.


The protective properties of Kaffir lime really do not end there as far as the health of your scalp goes. In addition, Kaffir Lime can help control dandruff caused by bacteria or dryness. It does this by preventing bacteria growth and balancing the pH of your scalp to reduce flaking.


Kaffir lime extract contains antibacterial material against common skin pathogens as well as other topical ailments due to bacterial growth. Kaffir lime extract prevents the growth of bacteria and assists your hair and scalp with healing pH balancing to improve shine and luster. This makes them effective aromatic topical antiseptics.


The interest in Kaffir Lime Oil keeps growing every day as its uses are being discovered. While known for its refreshing citrus aroma, we must not forget the many health benefits it brings.

Kaffir Lime Oil is used in aromatherapy to reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue. But we can use it for much, much more. Kaffir lime oil can assist in mending split ends, detangle your locks, maintain a healthy scalp, control dandruff, and improves shine and luster. Kaffir Lime truly is a miracle-working ingredient for your hair and helps it grow thicker, fuller, and longer. You will find it in the Modafino Voluptuous Shampoo and Conditioner.